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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celebrate Food and Blogging

With special thanks to the Valley Table, Janet Crawshaw and the Journal News, Liz Johnson and John Crabtree, guest bloggers who supported Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2011 were able to gather at Crabtree's Kittle House in Chappaqua.

We gathered to share the stories of our experiences in area restaurants, the food, the service and enjoy a variety of exquisite appetizers, sample local wines and beer.

It was comforting to meet so many other like minded souls. I could shamelessly take photos of food and be understood, maybe even network with others who share my passions - food, words and photography.

Each dish was brought out before being passed for service and placed on a table so it could be photographed. The best part - no one thought this was strange. The next best part - the food was amazing. Amuse -bouche ~ bite sized appetizers, happiness for the mouth!

Figs wrapped with prosciutto, a perfect balance of sweet and savory with an added syringe of flavor. Visual, taste and a toy...a reminder of a happy meal, for grown-ups!

Another confession, I had three, yes three, of the softest, sweetest, most tender lobster bites. If I were in the privacy of my own home, I would have likely liked the spoon!

Oysters and sliders, oh my! The sliders were on toasted brioche, buttery and crispy and of course, everything was presented with great care!

And the sweets...ah, the sweets!

A chocolate bit of heaven with a Kit Kat bar crust, a perfect pecan pie, the freshest and smoothest of lemon bars!

And so, will I return? I think so, if I'm ever in the neighborhood. As for the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week experience, I am counting the days until 2012 and hope to be invited back for more blogging and food adventures.