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Monday, August 22, 2011

Name this Sausage and Clam Dish

A longtime fan of the Food Network, it took a little bit of charming until I was also addicted to the Cooking Channel. What I love are actual cooking shows (ok, I admit to liking some of the reality shows as well) but I started out with wanting to know the science from Alton Brown and seeing new dishes from Ina Garten and Giada and while I'm confessing, yes, 30 Minute Meals influenced my dinner table.

So, one night after a wonderful seafood filled vacation, I turned on the Cooking Channel and Kelsey Nixon was whipping up dishes inspired by her trip to Spain. One of them had clams and chorizo and so I was inspired and made some adaptations.

The strange part at the dinner table is my husband always wants to know 2 things when I serve a new meal:

1. What's this called?

2. Where did you get the recipe?

I often don't really have an answer since I simply go by memory and make changes I see fit. I have used our own names in dishes or places like Chicken Woodstock. Maybe you can help name this dish...

In a very large pot (think Paella friendly), I sauteed some mild white onion and green bell peppers with salt and pepper in olive oil.

Next, open an adult beverage of choice to quench thirst which will likely develop while cooking...

Add 4 slices chopped, cooked bacon and about 1 pound sliced sausage to the pot.

Once sausages are cooked through, add one diced tomato and about 1 cup chicken stock.

I then opened the spice cabinet and grabbed pinches and sprinkles of:

Garlic powder

Crushed red pepper

Black pepper

Old Bay


and 2 Bay Leaves

From the fridge - half a stick of butter

Scrub the clams

Add about 3 cups of clam juice

The freshly scrubbed clams

The juice of half of a large lemon plus the zest

Cover until the clams open (about 6 minutes or so)

on medium - high heat

I served the dish over rice with crusty bread - maybe you have other ideas.

Just let me know - what should the dish be named?

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