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Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Snow Storm = Grilled Cheese on Sunday 2 Ways

Somehow, the planets, stars and atmosphere aligned in such a manner the East Coast was pummeled with an October snow storm. Not just a few flurries or flakes, but a full blown, volume on 10 Nor'easter.

The Autumn leaves mix with a heavy wet snow... is it pretty, scenic or simply an anomaly?

The last of the blooms suspended in the cold, then covered in snow which quickly melts away, drip by drip in the strong sunbeams under a magnificent post-storm blue sky.

Snow crystals melt into droplets, the wind whips them along and it sounds like a second snowfall.

Walk along pathways, young trees bend in a full bow. Yes, a tree can fall in the woods, no one can hear it, but yet it exists. Still adorned with brilliantly colored leaves, boughs rest upon the winter white carpet. The calendar really does still say, "October."

It is the pine tree who seems most comfortable sprinkled in winter. A preview perhaps of a season to come, a time of jingle bells, rosy cheeks and red velvet. It is the pine tree wearing the frozen precipitation like a pair of last year's jeans, cozy and familiar.

Done wondering about with the camera, a hungry growl begins and it brings a question, "What to eat?" Well, snow fall comfort food menus do include grilled cheese - don't they? For him, squishy white bread from childhood with a layer of ham and American cheese.

For her, the less traditional with a touch of nutritious upgrade. Multi-grain bakery bread with a fairly thick layer of tomatoes and melty, magical mozzarella. The breads are crusty and crisp. The cheese will burn the mouth and skin if not eaten with care.

Many are without power, cell phones are not working reliably and the forecast for the week ahead includes temperatures reaching the mid-60's by mid-week. Perhaps the holiday bird will be barbecued rather than stuffed and roasted under a rainbow filled sky or a harvest moon.

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