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Thursday, April 12, 2012

After the Main

A lovely dinner for 2. Well, in all honesty we did some custom quesadillas in the black cast iron skillet. Me, tomato and mozzarella of course with a sprinkle of oregano. For him, sliced left over ham with cheese and tomato. The lovely part was mainly the two of us sharing stories of our day, no rush, no editing.

Although I was perfectly full, something, some other degree of the taste buds started screaming, "Sweets! Must have sweets!" To quiet my inner beast I said out loud, "I am going to have some strawberries, would you like some?"

My husband declined but I rinsed and sliced up 3 large, lush, juicy, sweet, perfectly ripe red berries and ate them on a plate with a fork. Very dignified.

"I can't believe how full I am," I proclaimed and went to the computer.

Moments later, the inner voice cried out, "NO, CHOCOLATE!"

Oh my. I thought I could head off the beast within by having the healthy sweet snack right away. It seemed to only worsen the condition. The left-over Easter candy did not help by answering, "Smaller than snack size, just bite size pieces, just one can't hurt."

Really? Who can have just one? Well, one of each...

What's one to do?

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