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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free Eats

I am not sure what to call the phenomen that occurs when free food is placed out for all at work, but it is certainly noteworthy and at times, personality changing.

Today a "Lunch and Learn" was held and so food was provided to attendees.  Sandwiches, bags of chips, canned soda, bottled water, LARGE chocolate chip cookies and brownies were served.  The remaining platters were put in our designated community food area, an email was sent to all of us notfiying us of the available goodies and the nonsensical feeding frenzy began first in stealth mode with a bit of restraint until people were comfortable enough to just enjoy.  The irony is, we'd all either attended the meeting or had eaten our own lunch, but the food slowly diappeared.

We do bring in treats from time to time and they are also placed in this particular area.  This year, we have created a policy, if it is your birthday, you can bring whatever kind of snack to share and most people seem to opt to bring in bagels rather than sweets.  Left overs are rare.

Holiday time becomes ridiculous.  Not only do many of us bring in food before a holiday, some also bring in uneaten desserts because, "we won't eat it at home."  Well, why the are we inhaling it at work????  Simply because it is available?  Because we are bored?  What happens to our brains when food is simply put in front of us?  And just so no one ever thinks this was a preachy post, I was the first one and often am, looking for the large chocolate chip cookie.  I also recently brought in a peanut butter/chocolate cake my family did not want.  On bagel days, I always hope for salt with veggie cream cheese.  Holiday time last year, I brought in fried pumpkin cutlets and fresh Italian bread - delish!  Not sure yet what I will bring in for my birthday, maybe an ice cream sundae bar?  Hope someone brings in a snack tomorrow...

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