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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kitchen Gadgets + Simple Things

I absolutely HAD TO have the Cuisinart food processor. HAD TO. Like a child jumping up and down, practically shrieking, "I want one of THOSE!" Once received it sat on the kitchen counter for almost a year, unused, and I was terrified.

Afraid I would have to face the recipes I put aside with excuses, "I don't have time to do that," or "I don't have a food processor, so..." Afraid I might make something awful. Afraid I might cut myself cleaning it (ok, that was a small and lame factor, but it crossed my mind nonetheless).

Finally, I decided to make potato pancakes and put the potatoes through with an onion. How hard could it be? It took two of us to snap all of the pieces properly in place and set the wheels in motion, but once started, I wanted to simply put vegetables through the chute and see what else would happen. The pancakes were a long forgotten memory when I decided to try again.

"Not sure what to make for the night before Easter dinner. I am making a chicken and salad," said my sister.

"I can make a side if you want," I volunteered with no plan what-so-ever.

I scrolled through Food Network ideas, flipped through my latest Rachel Ray magazine with a cover featuring fall vegetables, then back to the computer. Zucchini Fritters. Hmmmmm. I can use the food processor!

3 zucchini

1/2 onion

sprinkle of flour



mix to combine

drop generous wooden spoonfuls of mixture into hot oil

in a cast iron pan and watch the magic happen!

I could have easily doubled the recipe to make enough for the crowd, but alas, I had only those 3 zucchini. What to do? Take out another fancy gadget I had to have...

Used only for "special" occasions for cutting vegetables on a crudite platter or for making cucumbers look extra fancy on toasted baguette with horseradish mayo and roast beef (another fabulous recipe for parties from a girlfriend) - but I am off track. What says spring more than fancy cut and raw carrots? Seems unusual, however, I know as a child I strongly preferred raw veggies and hoped the next generation agreed.

The next most spring-like vegetable I could think of was of course, asparagus. Simply seasoned with salt, pepper, a touch of olive oil then roasted. Yum!

We feasted on Easter Eve, a family gathered and happy, what better way to feel Fed Well?

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