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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pseudo Paella/Jambalaya

The age old question, "What's for dinner," has become increasingly difficult for me to answer.  Not because I don't have a plan if it is asked in the morning, and not because something isn't already cooking, it simply may not have a name.

The name of a dish is especially important to my husband as I have discussed in previous posts.  However, it is important to at least be able to describe the meal in question with references all family members or diners will relate.  Sometimes I make, "those Mexican wrap things" and my family will know what I mean.  The contents of the wrap are:  refried beans, peppers, onions, cheese (cheddar or blend of cheddar/jack) and left over steak or chicken.  Neither burrito nor taco nor enchilada, the wraps are baked in the oven until the beans are bubbly and the cheese melted.  They may be topped with taco sauce, salsa or a verde sauce - up to the individual taste. 

Last night, I knew I had shrimp and chorizo so the combinations appeared in my head that included rice, peppers and whatever else I may have on hand that could be deemed appropriate.  Additional options could have included olives or onions, but instead I halved cherry tomatoes.  While my younger son had an idea of what was happening in the kitchen, he was pleasantly surprised when called to put his serving in a dish.

"Oh, you didn't say you were making Jambalaya."

Well, technically, I didn't.

When my husband came to the kitchen he said, "Wow, this looks good."  Perhaps that should be the name of all my future dinners.

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