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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Salsa Goodness

I am a lover of salt, salty snacks, chips and dips.  I understand chocoholics and have experienced times when I felt like nothing else will do. 

However, I simply cannot imagine a life without salt.  I have a shaker habit that's hard to kick, and yes, will sometimes reach out for it without tasting my food first.  Horrifying.

I also can't think of a single savory item that I would not enhance with a bit of salt.  From asparagus to zucchini, I simply want it.  It has not been a physical issue, no high blood pressure or other ill effect, but I know my choice must be a bit on the extreme side judging by the reactions of those around me when I sprinkle on a little salt.

So, why should my snack habit not be a prime example of my love?  My pantry may contain both cookies and chips, but I will always go for the chips first.

I have tried to pair my love for crunchy thin snacks with the healthier choices now available and have dabbled in sea salt versions, baked veggies crisps, as well as multi-grain (my current favorite).  To ease my guilty conscience, I create a quick and fresh salsa with minimum ingredients:

Fresh Tomato
Green Bell Pepper
Salt and Pepper
A dash of olive oil
Sprinkle of garlic powder (or ground fresh if on hand)
All proportions are to your taste and by eye

When preparing, plan ahead for the number of people in the house at the time it will be eaten.  Even if you offer it to everyone before it is assembled, they may say, "no thank you," but once they see it in the bowl they will not be able to help themselves.  And, as the saying goes, no one can eat just one.  No one.

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