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Monday, April 16, 2012

Yup, It is What's for Dinner

The day was over 90 degrees in April in New York. I wasn't really bothered during the day at work and tried to ride home with just the windows and sunroof open. I thought about my older son who worked outside all day, every day, in all weather conditions, in a uniform, ugh. The least I could do was drive home for about 45 minutes without air conditioning. Well, I made it about half an hour before giving in.

What do I think about while driving? Today, I thought of nothing but being in the kitchen. I knew I had some more leftover chicken I wanted to dice up for a salad for my lunch tomorrow, mixed with celery (stalk and leaves) and craisins, salt and pepper, a bit of mayo and tucked into a multi-grain wrap. Mmmm.

This morning my older son and I crowded the kitchen as we made our lunches for work. This is not an activity I normally participate in, but I had been wanting a wrap with apricot jam, lettuce and turkey for lunch and I prefer to make it fresh in the morning. My older son was a good sport and quietly moved to a different counter to pack up his Flintstone sized meal including: 2 sandwiches on double protein bread, a banana, an apple, fresh blueberries, a turkey wrap (for morning snack), a half-gallon cooler of water and who knows what else after I walked out. Planning ahead to make my lunch for tomorrow will make things a bit easier I suspect.

Dinner? Well, the grill seemed like a no-brainer in the heat and so a simply seasoned skirt steak, cooked precisely 4 minutes per side to a rare center with medium ends. Broccolini with a splash of olive oil, an onion browned in the black cast iron skillet, Saturday's potato salad (skins on with celery) and the remains of the Tabbouleh with mushrooms, green peppers and onions as well as a fresh tossed salad. Although I drink a lot of water, tonight I decided on the pink sparkling lemonade. It was a very good year.

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