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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Al Fresco Lunch for 2

After a week or two of wet weather as I imagine must be found in the state of Washington, it was a welcome sight on the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend to see the sun.  However, within a few hours of attending the local Spring Artist Street Fair, Town Wide Yard Sale and Farmers Market, I was positively wilted.

My fabulous husband teased me about turning into one of the awful characters in a Snicker's commercial.  The sad part - he was right.

I gathered a few supplies at the Farmers Market to make up a very casual lunch for the two of us on the deck (in the shade)!

Oil cured olives,

Marinated mushrooms,

A 1 1/4 pound ball of fresh mozzarella (I had the tomatoes)

A beautifully prepared pear tart, (designed to be an individual serving, I did have the restraint to only eat 1/4 at this sitting - must be the heat)

On the table, some oil and vinegar,

I grilled a few slices of seedless Italian bread, bought from the same vendor as the mozzarella,

For me, an open face sandwich with a few slices of salami on the side,

For him, a more traditional approach, a closed sandwich with a drizzle of oil and vinegar,

and the bit that took the edge off - a splash of Limoncello, some ice and a bit of Sierra Mist.

Enjoy the weekend - eat outside!

1 comment:

  1. Mmm ... Sharon, it looks all so good. Reminded me of all the fabulous food spreads Norma S. would put out.