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Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Farmers Market of the Season

Yes, the local farmers market does have CSA's, fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, prepared foods from a local restaurant, local honey, live mascots of the two and four legged variety and live entertainment.  Don't they all?

For me, today was about the breads and baked goods.  I wanted them all.  If I were ever told I HAD to give up a food group, this would hurt to my core - breads and pastas are surely my life source.

Who can resist this...

and healthy varieties...

an "exotic" bread...

and the one I had to have, the one I bought two slices of after taking this shot!

Welcome back to the market, welcome back!

Next week I hope to also buy some fresh produce to top the lovely bread I select - I see fresher sandwiches and salads in my (and my families) near future.

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