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Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Things in the Paper Sack Lunch

Ask most students what their favorite part of the school day is and they will likely answer, "recess."  The closest equivalent to recess in the average work day is lunch and I do look forward to it.  Combining my loves - a passion for food and just talking stuff over. 


We do talk about everything from modern women making the decision to have their placenta encapsulated after they give birth so they may possibly receive the benefits of additional iron, reduced bleeding and higher nutrition for their newborn to the craziest behaviors we have seen at weddings.  And, many times, we talk about food.  What's for lunch in the cafeteria, how we feel about the cafeteria offerings in general, the area restaurants, what we're cooking for dinner, and if we recently tried any new dishes or foods.

I am always at a slight disadvantage in the area restaurant chat portion because I live almost one hour away from work and even after 4 years am still learning my way around the neighborhood near my place of employment. 

Recently, my work neighbor ran out at lunch then joined us in the conference room with this bag.  The immediately shocking part is the fact that she is and has been a vegetarian for quite some time.  Had she fallen off the wagon and needed a double cheese with bacon? 

Also, she typically eats in the medium to high range of healthy.  What happened?  Is this the food equivalent of falling off the wagon?  Was she heading for some kind of culinary crash landing?  Did this one binge need to be noted in case of future intervention proceedings?

NO, No, no.

Smash Burger (a chain I have little knowledge of) offers a vegetarian black bean burger topped with jalapeno peppers and a slew of other toppings.

Yes, they also have "regular" burgers and are fairly close to our building.  We are already planning a field trip to invade this somewhat mysterious joint.

I was immediately drawn in by the choice of other sides instead of potatoes.  Let the double arches offer apple slices, this place offers battered and deep fried pickles as well as flash fried veggie frites, string beans and carrots with a buttermilk ranch dipping sauce.  Oh my.  Their menu even includes truffle fries.  Now we're talking.

I'm not saying I am ready to ditch beef (or chicken or pork) but I do enjoy switching it up and look forward to giving a few of my meals a veggie or meatless twist.  Might even end it with a Haagen Dazs shake.  If you come to my department and we are all asleep at our desks at 2 p.m., it may be because we binged at Smash Burger. 

Would extra tread mill miles help?

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