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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Calamari for Kids and Celebrating Mommy's Birthday

Crispy calamari rings are the perfect starter for any birthday celebration, aren't they?
I remember the first time I snuck the tasty rings by my nephews without really defining what they were eating.  Deep fried, dipping sauce, finger food - what else does one really need to know?

Now, they are at least a close to second to mozzarella sticks for them though they are a current first place winner for me.  The two different sauces are both marinara, one with hot red pepper flakes for a bit of extra zip.

Out for pizza for my Mommy's birthday - three New York pizzas to satisfy the 10 of us and our varied tastes.



and the veggie!

We talk about our days, about making the Little League playoffs, traveling and airports, weddings, the generous servings on plates that pass by for other diners in the restaurant and staying in touch with childhood friends.   Conversations are also shared about going fishing, portion control and the end of the school year countdown.

The pizzas are mostly eaten, only a few slices to wrap, since we all want to save a little room for something sweet then join in for a round of Happy Birthday singing.

I have the blondie sundae special, the blondie was warm with bits of melting chocolate and nuts.

One nephew orders the chocolate and peanut butter pie,

the Birthday Gal orders the raspberry brulee,
(cheesecake with raspberry sauce and a flame shot over the sugar on top),

and other desserts not pictured included the brownie sundae and a slice of Snicker's Pie.

No arguing, no fussing, no fighting, smiles all around - what more could my Mommy ask for in a Birthday dinner?

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