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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday Co-Worker Lunch - Topics include the Celebrity Divorce Pool & Drew Barrymore's Wedding

Being fed well is often thought of as having had a good meal, and while this remains true, the primary thought does not have to center around the food but instead the company and the overall atmosphere.

Every other Friday I leave my job at noon.  On the weeks I work a full Friday I often have lunch at either the local Chinese or Mexican restaurant with coworkers I enjoy chatting with voluntarily.  This week we thought we would venture out of the routine and head to Smash Burger but instead we went Chinese.

My day job is for a global cosmetics and personal care product company and while I have seen lashes sold for car headlights on the web, I find it funny that two cars in our employee lot feature these after market add ons.  Here's a close up view. 

My role in the company would be to determine if panelists find these lashes to make their eyes look bigger, feel soft and last all day.

One of the group needs to stop off at the local Post Office and so we wait and admire the landscaping.  Whenever I see daisies, I always think of my sister and so my mind is momentarily derailed as I escape the conversation and retreat into my own thoughts for a moment or two (when will my dress come in, how will it fit, what will I say for my toast - have I changed my mind) and then I snap back into the discussion about the weather.

While waiting for a food, we almost always start by talking about our celebrity divorce pool.  Some may have death pools, but we thought that may be a little strong so instead we each picked ten celebrities we think are likely to get divorced this year and so far, none of us has had a score.  Around March we thought it may be bad karma to only be betting on bad news so we added the celebrity we think would be most likely to get married in 2012 and one of us picked Drew Barrymore.  Ok, yes, I did, I had the first point on the board!

We also discuss things like; the Beckham's - is the way they are presented in the media in any way close to their true personalities, Jennifer Aniston crying about having her man stolen only to show up in Justin Theroux's life and possibly hurt his long term lady friend in the same way, and what motivates straight men to dress up as women.

I am almost ashamed to post this sad picture of my amazing shrimp with rice noodles.  Sometimes my camera phone simply does not cooperate and when looking at the tiny screen I have a hard time judging if the image will be acceptable or not.  Here is my lame representation:

So yes, we indulge in more than our share of celebrity gossip, rating movies, actors and actresses.  I confess.  I look forward to these breaks from reality and having a great meal as well truly makes me feel Fed Well.

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