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Friday, June 22, 2012

Not Just Any Friday Night

I met my sister for one of her last wedding dress fittings and tried on my matron-of-honor dress as well.  We decided that although we will be getting together with a few others tomorrow for a "Girls Night Out," we went out for dinner, just the two of us.

What to have?  The menu is pleather bound and full of pages of choices and yet like a woman's overflowing closet, somehow seemed empty.  I had reviewed the white board of specials before we were seated and had decided on the crab cakes appetizer as my entree with a salad.

Though the crab cakes seem a bit small in the photo, they weren't a bad size for an appetizer.  Full of real lump crab meat which made the difference for me.

My sister's meal was a cajun pasta dish with chicken, mushrooms, scallops and shrimp.  The photo, well, either I need a new cell phone or it needs a tremendous cleaning.  I don't understand why some shots are just ok and some are simply horrid.  Sort of like life, some days are great, wonderful, fabulous and others well, not so much.  True, both are memorable and sometimes you get both in one day.  This week I have been hanging on a swinging pendulum riding from the lowest low through simply content and then all the way over to pretty angry.

Nice to unwind and share it all with an understanding sister who patiently listened.  Cheers to sisters, the first best friends...

It's a Whiskey Sour and though I can never finish it, it was the perfect cocktail.

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