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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Personalize It: Dessert

Mother's Day brunch at our house is a tradition but the menu is always evolving.  Either pancakes or french toast, an egg dish, sausage, maybe some baked goods, perhaps some lunch items.  The day always consists of gifts of flowers, an intense game of whiffle ball and of course, dessert.

A fruit salad with varying ingredients from year to year can almost always be found.  Everyone has their favorites and we try to accommodate the wish for "just green grapes please," or, "Can I have more cantaloupe, please?"  It is easier and less wasteful to allow individuals to select what they want rather than the old school of thought that children (and adults) had to eat what was placed in front of them and finish their plate. 

Our theory is more, "If you take it, you eat it," as far as waste and "Just try a bite," is the motto for new dishes.

A separate bowl of strawberries is on hand to serve with Angel Food cake or if anyone only wants some strawberries and cream or strawberries and chocolate sauce.

The chocolate sauce is a new creation this year.  I have a chocolate fountain, but for this smaller gathering of under 12 people, it is a bit fussy to use and worse to clean.  Instead, I melted semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave and added a bit of heavy cream then poured melted, silky, chocolaty goodness into a squeezy bottle designed to be used at the grill and let everyone help themselves.  (*Melting chocolate may also benefit from a bit of vegetable oil to help thin it out a bit - guests may be squeemish but I learned this trick from my chocolate fountain instruction book.)

Also on hand, a bit of confectionery sugar was left over from dusting the french toast.  A bit of white fairy dust for the Angel Food cake.  The small squares are mini-cheesecakes my sister brought to brunch.

Sometimes, you just want a classic combination - cake, strawberries and chocolate.

Or you may need to add a generous spoonful of homemade whipped cream.

However you build your dessert or your Mother's Day celebrations - may they be sweet and shared with loved ones so you always feel Fed Well!

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