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Thursday, August 2, 2012

As Sunday Dinner Morphs...

Growing up, Sunday Dinner meant my grandparents came over and my grandmother would bring a bag of goodies including coupons and a Pepperidge Farm cake.

On a recent Sunday, my younger son and I joined my sister, her family and my mother at my sister's house for a wonderful Sunday supper.  Toasted bread rounds with a coating of olive oil were the base for...

homemade Bruschetta using the freshest of vine ripened, organic tomatoes, straight from her garden!


An additional appetizer included a cheese plate including port wine and muenster...

which I enjoyed on crackers along with my Bruschetta!

A beautiful main course rested on the island before being carved and was not shy in the least in having a mini photo shoot for the blog.  The chicken was roasted beer can style - succulent meat with a crispy and seasoned skin made everyone drool just a bit.

A fresh and satisfying Sunday meal also includes baked potatoes (though not from the garden, they are not from a bag or a box) and super snappy green beans.

While dessert was not photographed, homemade brownies and a cheesecake were luscious endings for a satisfying Sunday gathering.

The best part of this Fed Well meal?  In the style of a David Letterman Top 10 - ok, 3 - list:

#3  Fresh Bruschetta
#2  Roast Chicken
and the # 1 best part:
Being with family who love you and want to share a wonderful meal in your company.

Feeling the love...

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