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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bacon Turkey Avocado Wheat Wrap - ah, but with...

So, not an official website for the diner, but it's something...

Joined by 3 co-workers, we decide on the Airmont Diner.  I LOVE diners!  Breakfast at all hours, maybe a cup of soup and a slice of pie, whatever you want, however you want it.  And, diners always have menus the size of a novel, serving sizes that would make Fred Flintstone happy and a fabulous array of characters for customers.  Today was no exception.

We were greeted by a highly excited host who led us to a booth near gentlemen thoroughly discussing politics and though one Republican and one Democrat each felt free to share their views, one happened to be a little louder than the other.  I worried one of my table mates might just shout out, "Keep the government away from my vagina and out of my uterus!"  Yikes.

The man in the Hawaiian shirt and the lady with the very large, very round glasses who raced in and parked her walker partially blocking our exit, and though they were not together, both caught my eye.

After quite a bit of menu review we are ready to order.  One western omelet, two eggplant wraps and one special wrap - bacon, turkey and avocado.  While the eggplant wraps were not a success, I was beyond happy with the special.  How can bacon ever be wrong?  And my favorite side at a diner (sometimes even with eggs) - crispy, salty, french fries.  Oh, heaven!

Diners are classic venues in which to be Fed Well and strongly supported by coworkers everywhere!

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