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Monday, August 6, 2012

Gifts from the Garden - a Super Tuesday!

My sister has the most beautiful garden and yes, I am openly jealous.  I know it is a lot of work and maintenance, but it is simply wonderful to look at as well as enjoy the bounty it provides.  It is even more joyous when I receive wonderful food gifts; both prepared and raw from my sister and her family.

The homemade, award worthy, bruschetta is my sister's specialty and was given with a loaf of French bread.  The zucchini bread was made by my younger nephew with pride and we decided to try it topped with the bruschetta as well with the theory that tomatoes and zucchini are a natural pairing.

Fresh zucchini were a lovely gift as well as a bag of fresh beans.  I remember when growing up we used to have a family garden and I would eat the beans raw while I was supposed to be picking.  The snap and something about eating fresh veggies under the sun...

All of the offerings are and were so appreciated.  They were perfect accompaniments to simply grilled chicken breasts and a red potato salad and cucumber salad, fresh corn on the cob, and for me a section of sweet potato I had been craving.

Here's how it looked for Ken -

and my plate before the ear of corn -

And what did I do with my bags of tomatoes you may wonder?  As I write this post they are simmering into sauce after being blanched, peeled then pureed with the immersion blender.  Meatballs are also in the pot and after grilling later, sausage will be added as well.  A two meal food experience and memories from these fabulous gifts from the garden.

Fed Well with freshness, food gifts, a visit and hugs on a plate.   Sometimes the hardest part is finding new ways to say Thank You!  Maybe tradition is best - Thank you for making sure my family and I are Fed Well from the inside out.

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