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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not just any pizza - Kinchley's!

The Friday Co-Worker lunch typically involves myself and two of my favorite work buddies.  We usually alternate between the Chinese and Mexican restaurants, but I suggested we branch out. 

Kinchley's Pizza

no website available but a link to the menu

is normally reserved for special occasions at work, but who doesn't want to simply celebrate Friday?  A work week has ended and the weekend is about to unfold.  A frosty cola to start the festivities.  I love the retro style glass and am reminded of a childhood visit to a diner... ah, but I digress.

What to have on our tissue thin pizzas?  How many pizzas will we need?  We consult with the waitress who recommends one large and one small for our threesome.  We talk over toppings and decide on the vegetarian as our small and plain cheese for the large.

I love the somehow traditional feel of the place.  The red and white checkered table cloth.  The silver pizza stands.  Even the dark wooden booths add to the ambiance.  It is easily evident that one is in a pizza joint and shouldn't even think about ordering a burger (though I've never had one there - maybe they are awesome).

We talk about work and weekend plans and quite a bit of time is given to simply paying compliments to the delicious and fairly ridiculously thin crust pizza.  One of us briefly debates if the slices should be eaten by hand or sliced up with a knife and fork.  We quickly agree they should be eaten by hand and I am reminded of a story from the past. 

Our school took an 8th grade 4 day field trip to Washington, DC.  Part of the experience was a sort-of, semi-formal, well honestly boys just asked girls to sit with them, dinner.  Nerves were stretched thin and hearts pounded.  I never thought about the food until we received plates of fried chicken.  Really?  Were we really going to cut it up with knives and try to be civilized?  Well, for the first few minutes until one brave soul confessed they always ate fried chicken with their hands and the rest of us felt comfortable enough even in our Sunday best to follow the casual diner's lead.

Feeling Fed Well, we went back to work and though we always hope we stretch our hour on Friday's, we often find we are back at our desks within a too reasonable amount of time and watch for the click to tick to weekend o'clock.

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