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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Racino Buffet with Mommy!

While going through a personal crisis I have lost about 12 pounds unintentionally.  I know, I know, some women are thinking they would love to have this problem, but trust me - you wouldn't. 

During times of trouble we reach out to friends and family and so I called my Mommy to see if she wanted to meet for a bite to eat and a bit of "gaming" at the local Racino (

First, we will try the buffet because after all, who can gamble on an empty stomach!  At first I worry I won't like anything, but then I decide on a plate of may favorites; white, starchy carbs!  Garlic mashed potatoes and penne pasta topped with red clam sauce, a slice of chicken marsala for the taste and a splash of protein.  Buffet or not, it feels fairly rich and decadent and compared to the portions I have been eating, it feels like I have bellied up directly to the silver chafing dishes.  This meal is not about physical health, it is about comfort, healing and hoping to hit it big,

Mommy has a slice of the roast pork, the potatoes bathed in gravy and a sample of chicken marsala and wait, what is that I see on the edge?? Salad??  Who would have thought?

Yes, I monopolize the conversation.  Can't help it.  I pause long enough to ask about her personal computer repairs (not going well - Best Buy will in no way ever be endorsed by my mother) and of course her opinion on whatever it is I am sharing with the hopes she will certainly agree with me and validate all of my crummy thoughts and feelings.  It's part of the job description of a mother.  I believe I have read it myself in the handbook.

Dessert?  Why, of course.  While I am indulging, I should experience everything.  I actually first looked through the sugar free offerings.  No idea why.  I selected this slice of cheesecake with a carrot cake crumb topping.

Now, for the news you have all been waiting for... how much did we win?

Not a single dime. 

But an evening meal with my Mommy certainly gives many reasons to feel Fed Well.

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