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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Talking it Over - Eggs Over Easy

Love having breakfast meetings with friends!  Cheaper than dinner, easier to chat than over cocktails with music blaring in the background and certainly feeds the soul as well.  I was quite early since I had an errand to run first and it took quite a bit less time than expected.

To kill some time I had an adolescent photo shoot with myself in the car.  I will spare you the visual proof.  Just know that I skipped the duck lips pose but took some with and without my glasses and feel they look exactly like what they were - me killing time.  So I turned to photograph the building instead.

The breakfast club is reunited and I am learning I am more than sick of talking about myself.  I am in an unexpected place in my life that truly feels like a darkened tunnel, but I am tired and weary.  I welcome the news of my friends and their lives from work to children and everything in between.

Somehow we all decided on eggs.  One scrambled with bacon...

two scrambled...

and two over easy!

My eggs are wonderfully runny and I find great pleasure in dipping my whole wheat toast corners into the yolk pool.  I also love swirling bits of potatoes, peppers and onion through the rich yellow egg centers.

Yes, more coffee and yes, more tea.  We are far from finishing our stories, thoughts, pieces of advice and asking questions for more details.  Maybe we will go to a park or for a walk - next time.  For now, I am tired.  I am emotionally and physically done. 

I look forward to a strong recovery.  I embrace all the meals I share with those I love and who love me.  I gain a bit of momentum with each healing hour spent with friends and family.  We hug goodbye and I realize how far I have already come (I used to HATE hugs) and feel the joy of once more being Fed Well.

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