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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Birthday Series Continues - Tacos & Margaritas

A newish tradition is selecting an adult beverage to compliment holiday or celebratory meals.  My sister did a wonderful job hosting, planning and preparing with our mother a fabulous Birthday dinner for me complete with strawberry margaritas. 

I was able to watch her new margarita machine at work.  How fancy!  Ice is loaded into the top which is then crushed just so before dropping into the pitcher with mix and tequila.  Press a button, wait, pour and sip!

For those who have met me, I am quite a light-weight when it comes to alcohol consumption.  I limit myself to only 2 of my favorite cocktail, the Cosmopolitan, and even then I sometimes have a hang over.

For my Birthday dinner - 3, yes three, strawberry margaritas.  My son was my designated driver.

A lovely pitcher of iced tea was also on hand!

To start the munching, 2 different chips served with either a warm dip or salsa (or both if you like).

For the main event, a lovely taco buffet with warm hard and soft shells, lettuce,


flavored beef, fresh tomatoes, sour cream, and more salsa.

My favorite way to indulge is to simply toss everything together on a plate as a salad. 

Once the table was cleared, a traditional ice cream cake, the kind with mystery blue goo and chocolate crumbles between layers was customized with hard sugar decorations.  What could be sweeter? 

Rounding out the festivities were a colorful bouquet from my favorite 9 and 11 year old nephews, tulip paper wrapped gifts and a golden gift bag.  Love.

Following tradition, a song, lit candles that were blown out with a wish in my heart.

It was a beautiful birthday.  I am Fed Well by my lovely sister and our family.  I feel pretty fabulous for 45!

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