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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Cocktail and Dinner at Cosimo's

I was meeting a special friend for dinner on a Friday and picked the restaurant based on geography.  I've been to Cosimo's several times in the past, once for a Hudson Valley Restaurant review and a number of private parties so I felt good about my choice.

I arrived early after a particularly difficult day and though I was tempted to meet my companion at the bar, I refrained.  We asked to be seated outside and after reviewing the cocktail list, selected a variation on adult lemonade with vodka and Chambord.  A smile in a glass.

I never even opened a menu.  I quickly glanced through the specials and decided on a soup and left the main course to my partner.  We were brought bread and seasoned dipping oil fairly quickly.

Plain bread could be found underneath this layer of a cross between focaccia and pizza.  Delicious, but for some reason I always expect bread to be served warm.

The soup is sausage, butternut squash and potato - no fancy name.  My expectation was that it would be creamy but in hindsight I do remember the description including the phrase "tomato broth."  It was quite flavorful but not as full bodied or creamy as I may have imagined.

Our main course to share, a whole wheat pizza crust with veggies and cheese.  I am now able to listen and enjoy the food.  The crust is quite crisp, the vegetables are al dente and though the first bite or 2 may require a fork, the slice can be picked up and eaten "New York" style if preferred.

I feel compelled to look at the dessert menu but refrain from indulging.  Though the al fresco dining area is not far from a fairly busy thoroughfare, we shared our stories and food and left feeling Fed Well.

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