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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Farm Stand, A Car Cruise & Apple Pie Jam

A selection of gourds on mini-hay bales a sure sign the weather will soon be crossing the bridge from summer to fall.  This selection includes a gourd that has been stained, ones that may be used for birdhouses and an apple gourd.

The jewel look of cherry or grape tomatoes to me are the most visually appealing and I can always imagine biting into them and having their sun ripened flavor simply burst on the tongue.

Magical beans, purple beans and traditional greens...

additional varieties of tomatoes truly meets the demand of something for everyone,

and unique produce that is simply picture perfect,

peppers and eggplants,

and a new favorite, the sun jewel melon.

A selection of jams including tonight's sample flavor all the way to the left, apple pie jam!  I'm not normally a huge fan of jam, but after having a small spoonful on a cracker and talking over what else this lovely product may be served with, I make a purchase.

I was told I may use the jam where ever I may normally use butter on foods like toast, waffles or pancakes as well as an ice cream topping.  While I seriously considered buying some soft-serve vanilla custard immediately and creating a reverse apple pie a la mode, I save my cute mini jar for the following morning at work when I join my co-workers for the breakfast train to the cafeteria.  We line up and walk together to share a few stories over the first meal of the day.  I share my apple pie jam and 2 of us enjoy it over pancakes.  Perfect!

The car cruise is held Wednesdays at Memory Lane Ice Cream Stand off of Winterton Road in Bloomingburg.  Winterton Farms sets up a lovely display of the freshest produce available for purchase.  Spend a little time with your neighbors, walk around and look at the classic cars, sit under the pavilion with an ice cream and bring home a variety of fruits, vegetables, honey and jams.  These are the moments in which you will feel Fed Well.

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  1. Thank you for the great blog. The apple pie jam is great! Pumpkin Pie jam will be available at the farm stand soon!