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Monday, September 3, 2012

A Tour of the Winery - Basha Kill Vineyards

First, I must confess I only know one thing about wine and that is red gives me a headache.  As far as alcohol in general, I know 2 things; I am a lightweight and generally one glass of anything is more than enough and I prefer sweetish, fruity cocktails with a Cosmopolitan being my favorite.  So when I ran into a friend who suggested we meet at a fairly new local winery, I was hesitant.  Would I enjoy it? 

"Well," she said, "they also have live music on the weekends.  People bring their own snacks and just kind of hang out," she assured me.

Low key, low cost, low risk, I'm in.

Besides, my other choice was to stay home on a beautifully sunny Sunday afternoon.  Nah.

I arrived a little early for our meeting time so I could take a few photos of the layout.

What a serene view under the shade, the sprinkling water from the fountain splashing on the pond,

the netted vines, basking in the sun.

Inside, a few interesting pieces of wall art and the announcement of Cave Tours?  Hmmm.

Back under the shade waiting for the 3:00 tour to begin.

Owner Paul Deninno greets visitors at the Cave door and welcomes us inside for a bit of information about the winery.

The room is cool and cave-like and Paul patiently takes questions from individuals in the group, including me, following his presentation.  When I explain my lack of knowledge and preference for sweeter drinks the Osprey or Barn Owl whites are recommended.

After tasting both, I purchase a glass of the Osprey.  It is somehow more delicate to me and though I simply don't speak wine, I can tell it is clearly sweeter and lighter feeling than the Barn Owl.  Plus, what cool names for wine.

I love the little details, the bottle label art, the glasses...

Soon my friend and her family arrive and she makes me a lovely snack plate which includes stone wheat crackers, white cheddar, pretzels, a bit of dip and fresh cherry tomatoes.  The salty crunch is perfect for me with the sweet white wine.

The singer was talented and mellow.  Debbie (not sure of last name) is the mother of five sons, performs in a variety of local venues and has a range of song favorites including Janis Joplin's Bobby McGee.  I recommend the Basha Kill Winery for groups of friends and family on a weekend afternoon.  Visitors bring their own snacks and lounge either under the pavilion or the shade at picnic and cafe tables.  A casual and inviting way to spend some time, learn a little about wine and purchase a glass or bottle(s).  Thank you to my friend for opening my world just a little bit and allowing me to feel that much more Fed Well.

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