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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cinderella and Guacamole

"A dream is a wish your heart makes..." sang Cinderella in the opening musical number.

I am currently obsessed with her story.  I'm not sure if I want to modernize it, if I am jealous of a fairy tale, if it is literary poison, or I am simply stuck in it like a little girl that has to see it over and over again until I am absolutely sick of it.

For whatever reason, I also discuss it repeatedly.  I had already talked it over with a group of female co-workers but on a recent Friday lunch outing we invited one of our more outspoken and brutally honest male coworkers.  I had to do it, I felt compelled and could absolutely not stop myself from asking, "So, what do you think about Cinderella?"

I have to say it felt like clocks stopped ticking and everyone held their breath.

He looked around the table at the 5 women waiting for his response before saying, "It seems a little like a loaded question, don't you think?" 

He went on to share other thoughts once we'd all assured him this was not some women's liberation movement lunch.  While he really didn't offer any earth shattering insight from a male perspective, it certainly recharged the conversation among the women.

How many girls realize the King held the ball because he wanted grandchildren?  Would they care if they knew the truth?

Why was the footman out trying glass slippers on the young women of the kingdom?  Wouldn't the love-sick Prince be anxious to perform this task himself and be reunited with the woman who stole his heart? 

All of this while we wait for a fresh order of guacamole to be prepared table side.

Many people simply don't understand when I want to photograph the food when I am in a restaurant.  The gentleman preparing our guacamole was no exception.  When I explained I wanted to take a picture of the stand, he stopped and smiled at me and I felt bad aiming the phone at the food.  He seemed fairly confused but continued mashing the avocado with a set of forks.

The warm chips are almost depleted that we mindlessly consumed with the salsa and we need a fresh order for round two.  I soon realize I have a food crush as well and it is with freshly prepared guacamole. 

We continue to talk a bit more about Cinderella but then lapse into our comfortable lunch talk, celebrity gossip.  Guilty.  We are especially hooked on Tom Cruise and John Travolta lately.  What did Katie see, know, photograph, etc. to get herself that quickie-quickie divorce and why do stories of men and massages continue to surface around John Travolta?  Does it matter?  No.  But I know we are as addicted to the subject as I am to salty chips.  We're not spreading the rumors just sharing what we read online and hear on the radio.  But somehow, later, a connection is made between these men and Prince Charming.  Can you imagine?  Anyway, a little bit of less than nutritious food keeps us balanced and a light sprinkle of celebrity gossip helps keep our focus away from the serious side of life for just long enough to keep us feeling Fed Well.

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