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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friday Fun Lunch Before...

We never know in life when our next huge hurdle will be thrown in front of us.  We can never really prepare for the jump, the motion of tucking our leg up and vaulting ourselves over the hurdle which is why we so often crash right into it, tuck and roll.

It is fairly typical and reliable for me to have lunch on a Friday with coworkers and we routinely go to either a Mexican or Chinese restaurant.  This week it was just two of us in the Chinese restaurant surrounded by tables of other coworkers.  This keeps our conversation quiet and we have a heightened awareness to not discuss business.

I am going through one of the most stressful times of my life.  I am facing life changing circumstances and trying to grow from the experience, not wallow in self-pity, not become depressed or bitter and angry.  It's not easy and sometimes require a deeper effort than others.  When I know I am feeling low, I am not afraid to lean on others a little for encouragement, support and even a bit of humor to lighten the load.

Wonton Soup - how traditional and comforting...

The next course has become one of my favorites - the Scallion Pancake.  The light, tender, crispy, flaky appetizer that just melts on the tongue.  Ah, a moment of silence to pay respects to the Scallion Pancake.

We whisper and laugh, conspirators and comrades, seated among potential spies...

We share war stories of the past, broken hearts, dreams that have turned to dust and we are not sad, but smarter.  My friend jokes about a statement made to me recently by someone who wants a fresh start, a clean slate.  "How far back does that person want to go?  The womb?"

I can't breathe with a mouth full of shrimp and rice noodles as the laughter bubbles up forcing an escape.

It is later in the afternoon that I face the hurdle.  Yes, I did crash and burn on the track.  Yes, I kicked at and confronted the obstacle.  Yes, I both yelled and cried. 

Quite sometime afterward, I thought about lunch and the moments of laughter and compared to the trauma, I'd rather remember the day as one in which I was Fed Well.

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