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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Leftovers+Chicken Voila = September Stew

My sons and I are in a constant state of coming and going from our home.  2 of us rise at approximately the same time while 1 of us is a night owl.  They are working and attending college while balancing a social life.  I am newly discovering the ups and downs of being alone and creating my own calendar.  However, I love to cook and especially for my family.  The problem, I never really know who or how many will be here for dinner or what time it will be.  The answer, make dinners that can be transformed into something else later.

This past Sunday night family dinner was fresh corn on the cob, roast chicken with potatoes. 

A day later, some of the chicken was magically changed into chicken salad with diced celery and Craisins.

The next night, I went through the refrigerator and gathered more celery, carrots, green onions, the roasted chicken and potatoes along with the corn, and made a big pot of stew in my favorite red pot.  It seemed odd at first to make a stew in 80 plus degree weather, but the reward came when my older son said, "You made chicken stew?  That's my favorite comfort food that you make," before eating 2 large bowls.

We each happily ate the stew for more than one meal and it is easily heated.  Using fresh vegetables, cooked just enough so that they still snap, and serving the stew to the ones you love will surely make chicken stew a classic dish that knows no seasonal boundary, never creates a mystery dish left to die in the refrigerator and ensures everyone feels Fed Well.

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