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Friday, September 7, 2012

Not Far From the Tree (or the pan)

Years ago, we went to New York for some sightseeing and while I don't remember our exact destination, we stopped to eat in a fairly empty restaurant.  We were seated intimately close to a table of 4 who were preparing to leave. 

To my sons horror, I leaned over and asked, "How was your meal?  What did you have?"

If they could, my children would have ducked under their chairs.

I received a passionate scolding for my behavior.

"MOM!  You don't talk to strangers."

"Well, not generally.  But, before we spend time looking over menus and wondering if the food will be good, it can't hurt to ask the people who just finished."

These same offspring generally had no problem telling me they really did not share my love of photographing food (and tourist spots), but we did enjoy a common bond in our admiration of a fabulous meal.

Fast forward about 5 years, I can't tell you the number of times I have caught BOTH of my sons taking photos of their meals with their phones.  My older son even posts to Instagram. 

When the older man-son came home last night, tired from working all day, then going to the gym and attending a long evening class with a test, he was hungry.

I have also encouraged both sons to be fairly creative in the kitchen so this is what he came up with:

a wheat tortilla shell,
loaded with cheddar,
roast beef,
then topped with 2 eggs

I snuck my picture while it was a work in progress thinking I would be admonished for crowding him and taking pictures of his food.  However, he proudly took 2 shots of his finished plate before we shared a few minutes about our days - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sometimes I wonder what other habits of mine they have secretly accepted and how they will remember me when I am no longer here.  For now, I find comfort in knowing my sons appreciate being Fed Well and can provide themselves with a satisfying meal.

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