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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sharing: Plates, Thoughts and Tequila

A week night out with two great gal friends begins with a Cosmorita - a Cosmopolitan (my favorite) brightened with tequila.  The tequila also makes the drink a bit more edgy and I hope it doesn't impair me for work the next day.  It is wonderful.

Some nights, ordering food is simple and others you can scan a menu of hundreds of items, dozens of times and still not have any idea what sounds appealing.

Some nights, it is far easier to let someone else make the decisions.

Tonight, one friend and I talk it out and agree we want soup and to share a dish.  The soup special is chicken orzo but the broth has a bit of tomato as well.

What goes best with soup?  A bit of girl talk comfort and of course a sandwich, so we order the crispy chicken wrap to share with french fries.  Have I ever mentioned my love affair with french fries?  I am quite obsessed and possessive of crispy, golden, salty, deep fried strips of potatoes. 

The food, the friends, the warming effect of the drink and I am comforted, satiated, content and soothed.  It has been a bumpy journey recently, but with an unshakable support team, I have been able to remain Fed Well.

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