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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Take Out Lunch from Mountain View with My Man-Sons

Yes, Mountain View.

A holiday weekend, lunchtime, hunger pains, my man-sons and I are home and looking for a lunch treat.  It is quite rare that we are together for lunch and so a little splurge is more than appropriate.

I decide on the chili and cheese potato skins.  I know, I know, the photo shows beautiful, tender on the inside, delicately crispy, fried onions.  I swiped them from my younger sons order - I believe that is a mother's prerogative and is clearly in our rule book Section II paragraph c and I quote, "A mother is entitled to sample all food purchased for her children.  It is her duty as official taster and her privilege as provider."  Ok, I made it up, but I thought it sounded quite official and believable so you borrow it if you like or need.  The order of potato skins included 4 skins with chili and melted cheddar.

The appropriated onions were taken from this lovely Cowboy Burger order with fries.  Dripping with barbecue sauce, my younger son was quite happy with his burger.  I tried not to stare to see how he managed to bite into such a tall hamburger, and I can't really report on his technique other than to say, he did it.


Though the photo hardly does it justice, the sausage and pepper hero on end was man sized enough that my older son actually had a small piece left over he simply couldn't finish during his initial sitting but did manage to eat later.  This is a guy who NEVER leaves food on the plate but in his defense the sandwich was clearly half a loaf of bread, hollowed out and stuffed solid with sausage and peppers.

While our lunch may not have been typical Labor Day fare, we are learning to make up our own traditions as we go and this allows us to always be Fed Well.

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