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Saturday, November 17, 2012

American Heritage Lunch

When language is cleaned up or edited to be more politically correct I can't help but think of George Carlin.  The cafeteria at my place of employment offered a "Special Holiday" meal and dubbed it the "American Heritage" lunch.  Really?  It's not Thanksgiving?  Well, why not call it the "Historically Incorrect Celebration of the Pilgrims and Native Americans," or the "No One Ate Any of This but We Like It," or to pretty things up a bit and add some flair, "Autumn Offerings?"  

Honestly, can't you hear George Carlin ranting about the ridiculousness of this lunch title? Granted, I work with people from a wide variety of cultures, but guess what, we all live here.  The jig is up.  America celebrates Thanksgiving and has attached a certain menu to the tradition.  Does anyone believe the people who ate this meal hundreds of years ago enjoyed a nice pumpkin pie with whipped cream?  No.  Did the foremothers spend the night talking about Black Friday bargains or Christmas shopping in any way shape or form?  No.  Was anyone watching a game of any kind?  No.  But, still, American Heritage?  

Maybe if the meal included roast duck, or venison, or some other game meat with a hunk of bread and a single vegetable then it should actually be called a replica American Heritage meal.  However, if serving the traditional turkey, stuffing, sweet potato (or yam - I'm still learning about the geographical defining differences), cranberry sauce, beans and gravy - well then, it is Thanksgiving.

By the way, on or near May 5, our cafeteria celebrates, "Cinco de Mayo" and a few times a year offers random "Sushi Day," and a special "Super Bowl" menu, but mostly we love our grilled foods, specialty sandwiches, and some of the soups.  Doesn't matter what they are called.  Thinking of the humor of George Carlin also leaves me feeling Fed Well.

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