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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Tradition

For many, Black Friday is about shopping for Christmas, mad and crazy crowds, lines and alleged deals.  For me, Black Friday is about seeing three friends I have known since elementary school for dinner.  A group of women has been getting together for Black Friday dinner for probably almost 20 years or so, but I have only joined in for the last maybe 7.  The ladies are a mix of some who have known each other for most of their lives to virtual strangers as each year a new guest is introduced or a sister joins in the merriment.

I very much look forward to having a meal with my friends and catching up.  Through the highs and lows we are there to listen, offer support or advice, buy a drink and lend a shoulder if necessary.  I was the needy one this past year as my life blindly crashed into a speed bump with the force of a runaway train.  I am currently in clean up and recovery mode.  While we all agree that any individual has to do what they think will make them happy in their own life, it is truly a comfort to share with friends (and at other time family) that unconditionally stand by you and your choices.  It is an amazing feeling to also know that if I change my mind and my course tomorrow, they may scratch their heads a bit, but, they would stand by me and offer encouragement.

And so we had a few drinks and I ordered the Eggplant Tower appetizer with a side of french fries from The Mountain View Bar & Restaurant which is sort of a second home for many of us.  Also on their table were a few steaks, a second Eggplant Tower and the Lobster Ravioli (which I have reviewed in the past - Mandatory Cosmopolitan post).  One friend is concerned when the plates are cleared that she did not see my take a picture of my food.  It is a comfort to be known and cared for with depth and understanding.

The restaurant began to empty and the bar began to fill.  An additional component to Black Friday is the informal gathering of high school friends.  This year, I just can't do it and give my friends big hugs.  I slip off into the darkness and home before I change my mind.  This is where I need to be right now and the time spent with my friends has certainly left me feeling Fed Well.

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