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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Recovering from Hurricane Sandy with Laughter and a Diner Dinner

We were lucky - correction, we are lucky.  The storm came and went, we lost a few pieces of siding that were easily replaced and power for a few days.  We are not in the middle of the devastation but we are in the struggle to find gasoline.  We have lost beloved areas of our past family vacation spots at the New Jersey shore and are beyond words watching those who have lost loved ones, their homes, cars and battle to recover life as they knew it before October 29 and the uninvited Sandy.

In an effort to conserve gas, my older son (24) and I took one car to run some errands and met my younger son (19) out at a local diner for dinner.  I had already been laughing at myself thanks to my older son's spot on impersonations of some of my silly antics.  For example, we went to make some changes to our cell phone service plan and an electronic sign in is now required.  When faced with the flat touchscreen keyboard for some reason I switched from using my index fingers to my ring fingers.  ????  It was a sight.

Next, grocery shopping.  This experience is comical in itself because my older son will pretend he is going to throw two gallon jugs at the cart from the opposite end of the aisle or simply try to prevent me from pushing the cart by holding the other end with two fingers.  Back in the car, for some reason we started quoting funny lines from "Talladega Nights" "Kiss me on the lips" and then of course, "Step-Brothers" "So much room for activities".

We arrive at the Americana Diner and are immediately seated in a booth.  Let the laughter begin.  My sons end up quoting entire scenes from movies including "Pulp Fiction" Big Kahuna Burger scene (R rating for language) - though my sons did not use the F-bomb in their re-enactment.

How did we get to Pulp Fiction?  My younger son ordered the Hawaiian Burger - triggering the Kahuna Burger memory.  The menu version is grilled pineapple, Swiss and ham.  The modified and personalized version my son ordered includes a swap - instead of the ham - bacon!

I was able to snag a few of those crispy fries!

My older son ordered a classic cheeseburger (medium-rare) with waffle fries.  

 I confess, I also sampled a waffle fry!

I ordered a slice of quiche which came with a salad. Not exactly classic diner fare and no jokes could be made but I enjoyed my order.

By the time we left I had laughed so hard my sides hurt.  My sons had imitated me - in good nature and honestly, quite accurately.  It was nice to be out and away from reality for a little while but the feeling of being Fed Well came when we returned home to a warm house powered by electricity.  Made me forget for a little while that I only had 1/4 tank of gas and what the rest of New York and New Jersey was going through.  Laughter (and a good meal) are the best medicine.

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