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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankful Breakfast

On the third Thursday of November, the country celebrates Thanksgiving.  At my house, it has long been a tradition to also go deer hunting.  Not for me, but my Dad hunted, my father-n-law was a hunter, my husband hunts alone or with his brother and nephews, and my sons have gone to humor their father in the past.  Part of their tradition used to seem disruptive while preparing to host a major holiday, but now, I have incorporated it into the holiday.

In planning the menu for the day and taking a step back even further, when grocery shopping, I consider what Thanksgiving Breakfast will include.  Past menus have been pancakes or french toast with sausage, various egg dishes with or without meat, toast and potatoes.  This year I decided to saute green peppers and onions with red potatoes, brown sausage links and since it would be my youngest niece (no nephews or sons) at the table with my brother-in-law and my hubby, custom order eggs would be fine.

While the men talk about deer, my niece and I chat a bit about school, school sports she is participating in and of course, Christmas.  

Keeping with holiday serving sizes, I overestimated on both the sausage and potatoes, but it worked out fine.  A treat for the long weekend included left-over breakfast on Friday morning with all ingredients, including eggs, are tossed together in my favorite non-stick skillet.


A second Thankful Breakfast is served on left-over holiday themed paper plates with 2 small slices of Italian bread from the day before that has been re-purposed by toasting and buttering. 


All food traditions and shared meals have their own memories.  Looking forward to next year's Thankful Breakfast, wonder who will be seated at the table and which stories of being Fed Well will be shared.

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