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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The White Wolf Restaurant for a Special 40th Birthday Dinner

For my sister's special 40th birthday dinner, we went to a special restaurant to her - the one in which she recently had her wedding reception.  The owner greeted her by name and offered his birthday congratulations.  Very nice personal touch.

My husband has a "thing" for French Onion soup.  He has likely tried hundreds of varieties over the years and so it was no surprise he sampled the White Wolf version. When I looked over he had eaten it all so it must have been quite tasty :)

I started with a potato pancake appetizer and shared a few with my Mommy.  Though my mother enjoyed them, she said, "They are good.  Not as good as my mother's, but good." 

Potato pancakes are kind of like tomato sauce.  I have never had the same type twice.  These were kind of like deep fried mashed potato patties.  My favorite version are the shredded potatoes with shredded onion that is mixed with very little flour then fried in a cast iron skillet.  These were delicious in their own way.

I often select an appetizer as a main course, especially if I know I will be having dessert.  Tonight I ordered the pumpkin ravioli with brown butter and sage.  The seasonings and spices screamed autumn.  Even the photograph captures some of the flavors.  The pasta itself was tender and the filling was savory pumpkin that was dense enough to be considered "meaty." 

A popular entree at the table was the Chicken Cordon Bleu.  My mother ordered hers with a baked potato...

while the Mr. ordered his with rice.

My sister enjoyed the Eggplant Caprese and her husband had the pasta special of the evening.  My younger son had the pulled pork sandwich.  All were given thumbs up or forks up reviews.

We talked about the devastation left behind from Hurricane Sandy, whether company's should offer Martin Luther King Day or President's Day as paid days off for all employees, education, alternative uses of foods and beverages by female inmates (for example, hair dye made from Tang) and the food in England.

Our server, Sara, took the cake my mother brought into the kitchen and lit the 4 and 0 candles.  A variety of employees, including the chef, came out singing, "Happy Birthday."  I love how when they plated the cake a dollop of whipped cream was added.

Here's hoping my sister had a joyous and happy day turning 40 and wishing her a lifetime of feeling loved and Fed Well.

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