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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tilapia with Garlic Cream Sauce and Pasta on a Tuesday

Making dinner for a family of four, or three or any number other than one really, can be a challenge.  Someone inevitably doesn't like an ingredient whether in the background or the main part of the meal and lucky me, my family is not shy about sharing their thoughts with me.  Here is a short sample of the "please try not to make frequently (or not at all) list,"

baked potatoes - I love them!!!

pasta - I could eat it four nights a week, but I am allowed baked ziti

grilled chicken - one son really prefers only fried chicken cutlets

any kind of soup with beef in it

tilapia - same son who does not enjoy grilled chicken  

"unusual" vegetables - my husband only admits to liking corn, broccoli, string beans and raw veggies in salad so all squash family is out, eggplant is a no-no and anything his mom didn't make when he was growing up.

And so I took a huge risk in preparing the following dish which includes both pasta and tilapia on a night when my younger son was home for dinner.  

I assembled the following ingredients:

The Fish
bread crumbs
half and half
salt and pepper
chicken stock
one lemon

The tilapia was placed on a baking sheet then one side sprinkled with bread crumbs to coat, salt, pepper, oregano and then sprinkled with lemon juice before broiled.

The thin spaghetti was prepared according to package directions then drained.  In the hot pot, melt one half stick of butter with about 3/4 cup of half and half.  Whisk about a tablespoon of cornstarch with approximately one cup of chicken stock then add mixture to butter/half and half mixture.  Add garlic and oregano to taste as well as more salt and pepper.  Dump pasta back in pot with sauce to coat then remove spaghetti with tongs and use remaining sauce to drizzle over fish.

Even the skeptic was happy.


Every so often I rebel against the cries of family members and simply cook what I want.  They will adapt.  Also, in all fairness I should confess I cannot, will not, not with a fox not in a box, eat cabbage.  I can't think right now of any other foods that don't leave me feeling Fed Well (though I know I love some far more than others)!

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