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Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Events - Holiday Snacks - Self Control?

This may be the first time I was at an event and did not sample the food.  Part of my life includes a weekly community column for an independently owned newspaper and I love it.  

I have the opportunity to attend events, get behind the scenes details and meet the wonderful people organizing or perhaps performing.

This past Saturday night in a nearby small town a Toys for Tots Pasta Dinner was held at the same time as a winter art show.  The artists donated their hanging fees to the Toys for Tots cause (cash donations are used to buy gifts for the age least likely represented with gifts - usually teens).  

The pasta dinner side of the event included a buffet of pasta, salad and bread served by a teen community service group.

Dessert was found on the art show side and included some usually irresistible sweets - chocolate covered strawberries.  I have a huge soft spot for these fancy fruits!  But, alas, I was working and had to pass.  So difficult!

And then a fabulous holiday serving dish caught my that I own and love!

Isn't he cute???

Also available on the holiday dessert buffet - yes, you guessed it - COOKIES!

Several platters, several varieties and I was able to use a vast reserve of self-control and walk away.  Somehow.

Hours later, at home, I wrote about the amazing event with my favorite ceramic cup of hot tea and yes, a chocolate chip cookie.

Community events, a job I love, being with people who care, including my husband, and a sweet bite all leave me feeling Fed Well in the middle of the holiday season!

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