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Thursday, December 13, 2012

iPhone 4S Camera Review, Chinese Food & Company Headcount Reduction

For regular readers, I apologize for repeatedly lamenting about the quality of my past phone's camera, but what really puts things in perspective is using the new one in my iPhone 4S.  All photos used in this post were taken with my new phone's camera without any retouching or editing and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed.  They are among the first 20 or so pictures I have taken with it and so in addition to being unfamiliar with this new to me piece of equipment and the fact that they are simply camera phone pictures, I am quite happy.

The Chinese restaurant in the village where I work is frequently visited by coworkers.  On my last visit, my boss commented on the figurine below and how the swaying, smiling head bobbing back and forth makes her laugh.  Now I will think of her every time I see it.

For a split second I worried what the staff would think of me for walking over to take the picture and just as quickly, my worries ended.

Something about truly seems to feel healing, it is so warming on a cold winter's day and certainly seems to be a requirement with Chinese food.  Growing up Chinese tea was always brown and bitter, but now it just seems warmer in flavor and healing somehow.

The scallion pancake - something I only learned about in the last four years.  The first one I ever had was also at this restaurant.  I love the lightness, crispness and just a light oniony flavor.  If the Chinese menu could be thought to have a snack food, this would be it.

I love, love, love being a regular.  The crowd always welcomed Norm to the bar in Cheers by all collectively calling out his name.  I know I am a regular because the waitress always brings me a spoon and an extra napkin before I order.  Someday, if I ever switch my order, everyone will be very confused.  For now, I need the spoon to eat my rice noodles as if they were Italian pasta.  I twirl with my fork against the bowl of the spoon.  I wonder if they think me cute, eccentric, odd or just not understanding of the Chinese culture.  If I ordered most anything else I would eat it with chop sticks.

My lunch partner is vegetarian and also now known as a "regular" as she orders the General Tsao's Tofu.

I happily snap away with my camera phone and am quite please with the results.  My shrimp with rice noodles are amazingly delicious and I am happy to see minimal scrambled egg in the mix.  Something about the combination I don't like - not sure what or why.

We talk about work, potential company reduction in head count, an announcement and meeting just 2 weeks before Christmas and this is my fortune -

One day at a time.  Each day I am Fed Well.  Every day I try to be thankful and appreciative.  In this moment, right now, everything is fabulous and really, what more could you want?

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