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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Koto Japanese Lunch and the Killer Cone

One of my best coworker buddies and I were in a bit of a lunch rut and our workplace cafeteria was offering something that neither of us were interested in so we decided on the Koto Japanese restaurant.  We don't typically eat here often because upper management tends to lunch in this small space, thus restricting our conversation to non-work related issues.

On this day, we took a chance and though we were seated right next to a department Director and manager, we stayed in our listening space (imagine the scene in Dirty Dancing where Jennifer Grey's character is taught by Patrick Swayze the definition of her dance space) and they stayed in their listening space.

The tea is wonderfully fragrant and piping hot!

Many of the regulars seem to arrive, seat themselves and I don't think I see or hear many of them order.  Their food seems to simply magically appear in front of them.

We are a bit restless and up to try something new to us so the shrimp skewers are a perfect appetizer choice.  The outside of the shrimp are crisp with a soft and sweet center.  They are bathed in a terikyaki glaze and alternated with scallion/green onion on the skewer.

With a fairly long list of lunch choices including sushi, sashimi, Bento boxes and other items, we decide on rolls.

I enjoy the simple and traditional California roll.

The ingredients are obviously fresh, the avocado is especially creamy and sweet.  I watched while they were prepared and smiled at the special silver box which contained the seaweed wrappers.  Food as art and ceremony can never be a bad thing.

We walk back to work and this is what we noticed in our employee parking lot:

Not sure why, but I found this hilarious.  How long had the driver had the orange cone wedged under the vehicle?  Turns out the driver had asked security if someone could help remove it.  My coworker and I find this hysterical as we see a member of the Facility Team go out to see if he can remove the offending orange cone.

A simple day at work and a lunch adventure, a good laugh and I am feeling Fed Well.

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  1. I laughed at the cone too. Bad cone.