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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Final Act - Christmas Dinner

It's finally here.  Santa came.  It is Christmas.

The day begins with cinnamon buns (from the tube - I'm no baker) and we open gifts.  It is a fabulous morning that somehow gently slides into lunchtime in the blink of an eye.  My original plan was BLT's but with so many leftovers we raid the refrigerator and heat some of the prosciutto bread from Arthur Avenue bakery my brother-in-law brought over on Christmas Eve along with the faux paella.   

Later, we are off to my sister's house and she is also sick but everyone is bright and smiley - it is Christmas!

A few nibblers to start the celebration...

The fresh mozzarella is soft, tender and delicate - so creamy.

We progress to my contribution to the meal, the pasta e fagioli soup paired with the peppermint martinis my sister prepared.  The soup was simply softened carrots, celery and onion seasoned with rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper then simmered with cooked ditalini and I used cannellini beans in a chicken broth with pureed tomatoes. 

We have time to open gifts before the main course.  I was very excited to present my younger nephew with an ice cream maker because he had shown an interest in making his own frozen treat when he obtained a recipe and method for preparing ice cream in Ziploc bags.  I'm not sure if he was as excited to receive it as I was to give it...

My older nephew received an electronic gadget and when he added my contact information, I joked about being listed as "The Best Aunt Ever."  Guess what?  That is how I am entered.

Meaningful presents seemed to be a theme this year.  All of my mother's grandsons received red socks.  No one commented on this phenomenon but my mother simply does not do things like this randomly and so she explained.  "I noticed someone wears red socks, do any of you know who it is," she asked.

When no one could answer she told them, "Sherlock Holmes."

And so, from 24 down to almost 10 years old, her grandsons now belong to the Sherlock Holmes Red Sock Club. 

Dinner is served.  A lovely Prime Rib along with a spiral ham, olive bread, scalloped potatoes and steamed broccoli.  The beef and ham are absolutely fabulous - flavorful and tender.

We do hear a few jokes about what may happen if my younger nephew eats too much broccoli...

Desserts include the fruit salad, apple pie and an assortment of bakery cookies.  Something about those little boxes tied with red and white stripped string.

I select one of the half moon cookies with an edge dipped in chocolate and a cup of tea.  The holiday may be winding down, but I know the feeling of being Fed Well will remain.  For 3 days I have been with the most important people in my life and have an appreciation and love for them that they may never be able to fully realize, but I know.

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