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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Carrot Cake is Fine for Breakfast

For me, eating begins not at home but at work.  I take medication in the morning that requires an empty stomach and so with just under an hour commute it works out perfectly to eat once I am here.  However, my  food choices are my own and of course some days I make healthier selections than others.  I do want to point out, I feel helpless to say no to the endless supply of goodies we are constantly surrounded with as I have explained in the past:

Also, part of our office culture is birthday snacks.  If it is your birthday and you would like to celebrate with a treat, it is up to you to bring it in for the group.  This method is so no one feels left out when someone forgets to bring in cake for their birthday.  Yes, it happened once to someone I work with and though we are all adults, she was quite upset.  This rule also helps if you decide you do not want to celebrate or do not recognize your birthday as a cause for celebration - whether it is an age or religious reason, doesn't matter.

When birthdays collide as in the the case of myself and another in our department (she is the day before) we work it out and last year we both split the cost of a few pizzas for our group.

One of my coworkers was away on vacation for her birthday a few weeks ago and so she brought in an amazing, slamming, king of the hill carrot cake from Jones Farm (click for their website).  This gorgeous and exquisite baked good should be in a hall of fame.  The cake itself is moist and you can see the finely diced carrot, raisins and nuts.  The icing is sweet heaven.  Reading the ingredient listing and discovering pineapple makes one's tongue say, "hmmm?"  So wonderful.  And, yes, the breakfast of champions.

The photo above is from a visit I made to Jones Farm to do research for an article in Hudson Valley Parent magazine.

In the afternoon, more snacks were placed in our common area and I overheard someone remark, "It is so strange to see healthy snacks here.  I am so used to seeing chocolate and goodies."  Is that sad or just honest?

The healthy snacks were left overs from a group pot luck Super Bowl party.  So does that mean we only housed the rejected goodies?

Honestly, which would you prefer?  I confess, I had two slices of carrot cake.  One for breakfast and a second later on as a snack.  I am gloriously Fed Well.

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