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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chicken Classic

One of the first dishes my older son learned how to make for a lady friend...chicken cutlet parmigiana.  We find something so primal, basic and satisfying in this dish.  I buy the boneless, skinless breast and make horizontal slices myself until they are thin cutlets rather than buying them at a premium price.  To me, this is a wonderfully simple, classic and timeless dish.  We often pair it not with spaghetti but a risotto.  For years, this was the meal my husband requested for his birthday.  Though my older son sometimes will request just the breaded cutlets without sauce or cheese, I still consider it a spin on the classic. 

It is my hope that this simple dish will be passed down along the generations and loved by all I love.  A chicken classic legacy to leave behind for others to be Fed Well.

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