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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Order but Bad AGAIN

One thing food blogging does is force a person to take a good, hard look at their diet.  I haven't ordered Kentucky Fried Chicken in years.  In fact, I went to the Drive-Thru window and had to ask a million questions to figure out what would work for my family.  Usually, a regular customer would likely be able to just walk up and order.

I purchased a 12 piece family deal which came with 3 sides and biscuits so I ordered traditional mashed potatoes/gravy, macaroni and cheese (which I don't eat) and corn - the corn is 1/2 ear serving size.  By the way, the corn was super soggy with kernels so over saturated they no longer had any substance to their flesh, but the corn itself was super sweet. 

I tore into my piece of chicken and my taste buds very much enjoyed the feel and saltiness of the fried skin but my brain registered a big bright red warning flag.  "This is not good for you!"

My memory then recalled I have already had golden arches lunch and a pizza dinner and we haven't even reached the 10th day of the month and new year.  This is a problem.

I enjoyed the meal anyway and felt Fed Well not because of the processed food but in spite of it.  I am able to choose what, when and how much I eat.  I am lucky enough to be of reasonable enough health that these few bad meals will not put my over a cholesterol or sugar cliff.  I am smart enough to know enough is enough for now.

These recent food flings were fun but it is time to reel it back.  I am even back on the treadmill for at least 2 miles every other day adding more time and miles as the days pass.  We all enjoy being a little bad now and then, right?

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