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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Date night.  We were going to double date with friends and see a comedy show but by the time we confirmed our thoughts the tickets were sold out.  Next, we thought the two of us would go to the local restaurant.  A 30 minute wait is kind of impossible for me to accept.  Finally, we ended up going on a little drive and pulled up to Garrison's.  No lines, no waiting, perfect.

The only problem was that neither of us knew a single thing about this establishment.  Would it be more pub/bar then restaurant?  Did it matter?  The only thing I had my heart set on was a Cosmopolitan and they are pretty commonly available.

We were seated almost immediately in a dining area where we were the only occupants.  A few couples were in the bar area and the televisions were playing the play-off game.

The Mr. can be counted on to order either Chicken Marsala or Chicken Parmigiana and so tonight it is the Parmigiana.  Although I could have ordered any one of the specials I order the last one - linguini with chicken and spinach in a creamy white wine sauce.

We both order the New England Clam Chowder to start.  A generous portion, loaded with clams and potatoes, is served with a little packet of oyster crackers.  By the way, my Cosmopolitan was perfect!

Fresh salad, served without bread to my husband's disappointment, arrived with dressing on the side.  I eat my salad "raw" and so I gave my dressing to the Mr.  I enjoyed the mix of greens with spinach topped by red onion, tomato, cucumber and shredded carrot.

My dinner special is steaming hot when it arrives.  I ask for a spoon to assist in pasta twirling.  Again, the portion is generous for me.  The spinach is delicate, the chicken is moist and tender, the linguini cooked al dente and the creamy sauce allows the garlic to come right to the front of the line.  For me, that is fabulous.

I did not sample my husband's meal as I was quite happily enjoying my own.  He simply could not eat it without some bread and our server smiled and brought him a few slices of bread (without butter or oil).  The Mr. likes what he likes and for him the portion was not enough pasta and not enough sauce.  When I asked him if he would return he smiled and answered, "If you wanted to."

A group of young ladies were seated in our area.  I listened as they ordered paninis and burgers.  Perhaps he would have enjoyed a good burger instead?  The dining room continues to fill as 3 other tables are seated - maybe we were just too early for Garrison's though the first restaurant we visited already had a 30 minute wait.

Dessert was an absolute win!  An apple cheesecake in a crispy tortilla served with whipped cream and a strawberry.  Fabulous.

We had a lovely date night.  Enjoying each others company and keeping up on date nights after over 25 years of marriage is quite important to maintaining Mr. & Mrs. Fed Well.

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