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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mexican Take II

Layoffs or restructuring or the elimination of positions, whatever way you would like to sugar coat the fact that a certain number of people I have worked with for the last 5 years are going to lose their jobs on Monday (maybe it's me) has put enough stress on me this past week that I feel I could snap - emotionally and physically.  Best way to escape?  Out to lunch, Mexican in fact, with one of my coworkers.

I am so excited for guacamole I think I clapped my hands at the table.

I love how creamy and perfectly ripe the avocado is every time we order it.  The fresh cilantro, which I am becoming used to but wasn't always my favorite, is a bright flavor and I enjoy it so thoroughly I can identify each flavor in the mix; onion, tomatoes, a pinch of salt - so fabulous!

While we talk over the impending doom and gloom, we can't help but continually guess about who will lose their job.  At the same time, our supervisor will be celebrating her 25th anniversary with the company next week.  Ill timed?  I'd say.  But, these things can not be helped.  I'm searching my memory for the best story to contribute on party day.

I have 2 favorite orders at this particular restaurant - either the beef burritos or the shrimp tacos.  Taco day it is.

A few tables are pushed together to accommodate the large group also dining.  They are from another local business and I notice out of the 12, only 2 are women.  I cannot tell by their clothing what kind of work they do, but they are wearing ID badges.  A gentleman gets out of his chair, gives a brief speech and congratulates another man for his 25 years of service then presents him with a framed award.  Maybe people really do stay loyal to one company for a lifetime.  My own husband has been with his employer for 26 years now but would love to retire and find a second job (he's been looking for about 18 months with no success).

Lunch is over and we head back to the office.  I am still edgy and can't wait for this round of headcount reduction to be over.  I'd like to think the people who are let go will move on to bigger and better things while remaining Fed Well.

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