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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Steak and Talk

I started planning this meal this morning and thought about it most of the work day.  I knew I would prepare the steak, but the details of the side dishes remained a mystery until I started pulling pots out from cabinets and food from the fridge and pantry.

The onions were the first to start in a pan with some olive oil and salt/pepper then the mushrooms were added.  The broccolini was next, but the potatoes and corn were mere seconds behind.  The steak was cooked last and since it is quite frigid here in the Northeast, the meat was seared in a fairly hot pan on the stove top then cooked about 6 minutes per side.

Dinner conversation topics included:  coworkers and their unique quirky habits that may or may not irritate others, the ratio of poverty level students in the school my son is interning, the change in parental thinking regarding their children in the classroom - specifically more parents blame the school while less hold their child accountable for everything from behavior to performance. We talked about working with people who try to do as little as possible for a paycheck versus those who sincerely try to solve problems and address issues.  We chatted a little about the evolution of boxing and football respectively as popular sports and when boxing seemed to peak then fall.  Did Mike Tyson biting his opponents ear mark the decline of boxing as a widely viewed sport?  Will American football remain popular?  All of this over a simple meal and during the clean up process.  

It's not just the food that makes a family feel Fed Well.  What did you and your family enjoy together tonight?

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