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Thursday, February 14, 2013


My husband rarely orders beef in a restaurant, but loves it at home. Why? He trusts the ways I prepare it - well, I think that's a bit of my ego talking. In all fairness, he does prefer chicken but if he is going to eat beef, the dishes I prepare seem to make him happy.

Valentine's Day can be tricky in the restaurants. However, I didn't have time after work and before attending a Village Board Meeting tonight to make a lovely and fussy holiday menu. Instead, I bought seemingly good quality sirloin tips and instead of cooking slow and low, I went for fairly quick sear and well seasoned with mushrooms over simple egg noodles. I also used my stand by for easy gravy - Bisto granules from England.  (Read more about Bisto here)

The beef was tender, the mushroom browned and the noodles al dente.  What more could sweethearts, and well their sons, ask for on Valentine's Day or a Thursday night in February.  Dessert?  I enjoyed a few decadent caramels from my box of assorted chocolates!
We are truly Fed Well.

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