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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Colin's Pork Chops

Teaching my sons how to cook has been an ongoing process from the time they were old enough to have an opinion about how their food is prepared.  One of the first dinners they both learned how to cook was chicken cutlets.  I am always asked questions when grilling steaks (how long per side), and my younger son, Colin, has certainly shown a solid interest in Spanish influenced dishes.

The best way to learn, is to do and so Colin gathered his ingredients for the chops.  He wanted bone in chops though I already had some boneless in the freezer so I asked he purchase only a small package of bone-in and use up the meat on hand.  I understood his theory, but I really have a harder time with food waste.

He marinated the chops a day ahead of time and I stayed out of the kitchen.  I do know he used my garlic press and had to purchase some Goya products.  Other than that, I will leave the secret recipe for him to disclose.  He let them go in a medium hot pan on the stove and he knew he wanted "that brown color" on each side before turning.  He then place the chops in the oven while the next batch carmelized.

I stayed in the family room, which is close enough if he wants to talk to me, but far enough that I cannot see his every move.  I did offer to make a salad and he agreed this was a good idea.

The rest of the meal sides were Goya prepared either frozen or boxed; rice with pigeon peas, plantains and tostones.  All was quite delicious.  I needed some freshness and juice so I diced up a tomatoe with no other seasonings and simply spooned it over the chop.   

It was not the food that filled me with feeling of being Fed Well, it was of course my son in the kitchen, preparing dinner for his family.  Learning which stove burner heats slower than the others, the meat will take the longest amount of time, and if you do not remove a pot from an electric stove top, the food will continue to cook as the hot coil takes take to cool.  I look forward to the next cooking adventure and wonder if it may be from my older son?  He tends to make Sunday morning breakfasts -  a fabulous way to share and be Fed Well.


  1. Wonderful! I'm sure it was a delicious meal. My boy plans to take a culinary elective this coming semester at school. Can't wait to see what he cooks up! ~M

  2. I can say from experience that it is always a pleasure to cook for my family. More specifically, it makes me feel like a million bucks when my mother goes back for seconds. I have been fed well by hear all my life, its nice to give back. Nice to hear stories like this!

  3. Yes, you can quote this blog as long as it given credit/source. Thank you so much!